Uncloaking the Deception

Uncloaking the DeceptionIf I could think of just one word that would best describe the world in which we live it would be “deception.” From Facebook, to the local and international news, to the many blogs and YouTube videos the world is pouring our deception at the speed of light. To survive in today’s world it will be absolutely essential that we learn together how to uncloak the deception, which will be validated by the Holy Spirit dwelling in each one of us. Before uncloaking the deception we need to know just how powerful it is. It is so powerful that everyone on the planet that has not loved the truth so as to be saved will be deceived. It is said that it’s so powerful that if possible even the elect would be led astray. Now that’s powerful. It is written that God will add to this deception by sending a powerful delusion to all those who have refused to love the truth so that they will believe the lie. So to uncloak the deception we must love the truth. The truth has always been there and clearly delineated in His Word, but in these last days it’s lost to all those who have pushed God out of the way.

The more He is taken out of the way in both public and private spheres the easier it becomes to believe the lie. Have you not noticed there is a new insurgence growing in the hotbed of civil unrest in America? This is a movement to overthrow God, to evict him from the school room, to remove Him from the text books as the Creator, to remove prayer and His commandments from the classroom, to remove the Ten Commandments and the nativity scene from public places, to remove Christ from Christmas by simply referring to it as the holiday season. And the list goes on, but slowly, step by step God is being taken out of the way along with His laws in the established order so that the man of lawlessness can come on the scene showing humanity how they can obtain all their dreams and aspirations apart from serving and worshipping God alone. The heart wrenching tragedy is that many so called Christians will be counted among this number.

When the deceiver comes he will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or worshiped by displaying his many counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders. On the surface his self help programs looks good, because they appear to help people to become all they envision themselves to be. On the surface the world’s counselors and their psychiatric drugs prescribed by their Doctor will appear to actually help people to escape their emotional and psychological bondage. His government programs to care for the sick and elderly will appear to actually help them physically to recover from a debilitating disease or extend their life. In fact, what makes this deception so powerful is it actually appears to work, a blind person receives his eyesight, a crippled person walks again, or perhaps even a dead person may come back to life. In a world that is ravaged by emotional and psychological trauma or suffering from an untold number of diseases that’s effecting our planet it would be difficult for most to reject a person who promises to have a cure just for their trust. However, trusting in anything or person will lead you to reject the truth and believe the lie.

The man of lawlessness (or the Antichrist) “will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped.” Indeed he will require the entire world to place their trust in him and all of his programs to the exclusion of everything that is called God or is worshiped. An executive order will outlaw the exclusiveness of Christianity and replace it with tolerance for other world religions and perverted lifestyles. I am shocked to discover how many who call upon the name of Christ have already openly accepted homosexuality, transgender, and other alternative lifestyles, leading entire denominations to accept this perversion.  I am appalled that many ministers of the gospel and the Pope himself are paving the way to accept other world religions as viable alternatives to worshiping God. Furthermore, many in our day see Christianity as the main obstacle in holding back man in achieving his greatest goals in perfecting a global society and a New World Order. On the other hand, it would take an entire book to describe all the achievements of Christianity in the advancement of humanity. Yet, with the coming of the man of lawlessness the secret power of lawlessness will be finally revealed in men and women advancing in their self-esteem and unlocking the so called secret power in each of them to become the perfect person they imagine themselves to be apart from God, thus having the ability to write their own laws. As we fast approach the end of days, I am convinced that this deception is already capturing the hearts and minds of many who claim to be Christian.

To uncloak this deception in the last days it will be absolutely essential to love the truth. And the truth is that God created you in the beginning and is now re-creating you in Christ Jesus to be the perfect man or woman in Him. To love the truth believes that God is at work transforming you from one degree of glory to another so that you can participate in the divine nature. To love the truth understands the mystery of godliness that you can’t but He can, if you won’t He will. To love the truth knows that God has given you everything you need for life and godliness. You will never build the perfect world apart from Him. You will never be all that you envision yourself to be by following some self-help program. Nor will you find relief from your emotional and psychological trauma through the world’s counselors and their psychiatric drugs. You will not find true physical healing apart from God; otherwise all of your prayers have been in vain. Dear child please do not be deceived – you can do nothing apart from God. Self must die so that Christ can live in you to the glory of God. Take God out of the way and you will open yourself up for the greatest deception ever to descend upon the planet, but love the truth and you will easily uncloak the deception.

Finally, once we have uncloaked the deception then it’s absolutely essential that we separate ourselves from all those who are held in bondage to the lie. True Christians must not remain in churches that teach the art of psychology and the administering of psychiatric drugs; they must not remain in churches that openly accept homosexuality and other perverted lifestyles; they must not remain in churches that teach that an open dialogue must be established with other world religions leading its members into joint prayer services and shared traditions. All world religions must be rejected as perversions of the devil and as diabolical cults. Remember what God’s Word says, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). On an individual basis if they are willing to listen to the truth and escape their bondage then receive them back as a brother in Christ, if not then no longer cast your pearls before the swine but rather expose them for what they are, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rater expose them” (Ephesians 5:11). Remember, dear children to love the truth and you will easily uncloak the deception.

Copyright © 2015 Rev. Daniel W. Blair – this transcript is taken in part from my Tribulation Radio show on 11/24/2015 and also published (in part) in my new book: “Revelation Truth” available in our bookstore or at a bookstore near you.

God’s Powerful Delusion

God's Powerful DelusionMankind is always learning but never perceiving. He is always studying but never understanding.  With man’s quest for the truth and his efforts in higher learning it has only driven him further away from the truth. With all of man’s dreams, visions, and so called prophecies it has only driven him further away from the truth. Like a rudderless ship many are always cast about by every wind of doctrine, but never coming to the simple truth. For a reason that I will explain later, many have never been happy with the simple truth, but have attempted to complicate it, by adding teachings, upon teachings, too such a degree that the truth is lost and man is left in the wilderness wandering about with no hope but condemned to a life of misery and greater confusion. In large part this is the condition of the church around the world and especially here in America. They have lost their way and no longer love the truth which has lulled the church to sleep. No matter what happens the church will not awaken until she returns to the simple truth. Persecution and death will not awaken her, nor will death and destruction caused by the increase in natural disasters, nor will wars or rumors of war, but they will remain in their sleep continually tossed about by every wind of doctrine. Even revivals will not awaken the church until she returns to the simple truth and demonstrate her love for it. Until that happens she along with the rest of the world will rest under the powerful delusion sent by God for their rejection of His truth. Continue reading God’s Powerful Delusion

Crisis Coming Hope Ascending

Crisis Coming Hope AscendingCrisis coming has been the regular diet for most Christians. I have personally never witnessed a time when the Christian community has been so caught up in the prophetic looking for every little sign and the demon behind every rock. Make no mistake, I too have written considerably about the things to come, warning God’s children, giving commentary on world events, and standing against the abuses of our age. On the other hand, I have also tried to balance it with godly counsel on how to stand firm and not lose hope. I have discovered that the Bible does the same, proclaiming the whole blessed truth giving much encouragement to God’s children who have in times past and in the present have had to deal with the most difficult of circumstances. There is nothing new under the sun. Just taking a cursory look in the past two thousand years of church history one does not miss the many times of persecution against God’s beloved children who stood their ground unwilling to waver from His magnificent truth. These true saints from the past and the present stood their ground not on all the signs that they had gathered or their knowledge of things to come, but on the pure teachings of God’s Word concerning the hope held out to every believer. Dear friend, do you have this kind of hope that will hold you secure during the coming crisis? Continue reading Crisis Coming Hope Ascending

Pathway to Global Slavery

Pathway to Global SlaveryMany in this country and perhaps around the world are still recovering from the shock of yet another tragedy, a mass shooting in one of our schools. How could anyone walk into a school and ruthlessly kill so many innocent lives is beyond our comprehension. Yet while we are still in shock, some are once again using this as an excuse for more aggressive gun control, while others are claiming just as loud, “It’s not a gun issue, but a mental issue.” “It’s not a gun issue, but a mental issue.” “It’s not a gun issue, but a mental issue.”  Now, children with spiritual insight we can all see where this is headed. I foresee a time very soon, where a deal will be struck that says, “keep your weapon or purchase another one, but you will first undergo a psychological evaluation.” This is only one step removed from getting the entire population to undergo a psychological evaluation for the good of all mankind. This, my dear children, will allow those giving the psychological evaluation the ability to assign you a label. Let me be very clear, everyone without exception, will receive a label from the professionals of psychiatry, detailing your mental health condition, which always leads to further counseling and prescription psychiatric drugs to cure your new mental or emotional disorder. Then once your mental health records are updated it will be impossible to secure a permit to purchase or keep your existing firearm. Make no mistake; all citizens in the New World Order will be disarmed.  Continue reading Pathway to Global Slavery

Blueprint for the NWO

Blueprint of the NWOWith the hateful outcry, sometimes foul degrading remarks against the Pope and Mr. Obama on the one side and the revered, deep emotional, sometime bordering on a worshipful, response on the other side, it throws the entire Christian world into deeper division enamored with greater confusion. If you are in either one of these camps I implore you to listen further. In order to cut through this confusion it is absolutely necessary to allow God’s Word to discern truth from error and put our feet back on the path of biblical prophecy and our eternal bond to its fulfillment. Although the actual words “New World Order” was never mentioned in any of the speeches last week at both the United States Congress and the United Nations, however, it would take a blind man not to see the blueprint of a New World Order, which not only fulfills prophecy, but sets the clock in motion to run through all the end time events. It is an imperative, and biblical, not to set dates, for each of the coming events could take longer to fulfill, as humanity seeks to lift up the hungry and oppressed, to reverse the effects of planetary destruction, to remove all weapons of mass destruction, to unite the entire world under global leadership, to institute international law and enforce it, and to cause all religions to respect one another’s beliefs and practices making them all inclusive within the New World Order.  Continue reading Blueprint for the NWO

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